Baum Mobile's concept and production team pioneer the world of videos for mobile advertisements. We are one of the the first mobile advertising agencies spawning from AdColony in 2015. We provide strategy on advertising campaigns that launch across all user acquisition platforms. Our team is one stop shop of creative services for all mobile advertising channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and 3rd party ad networks such as Approvin and Unity Technologies.

We specialize in creative needs and pushing for the strongest performance possible across all advertising channels. With years of experience in managing advertising campaigns, we thrive in mobile app specific videos driving higher user engagement and more importantly conversion. We also specialize in consulting and managing advertising campaigns for clients across all user acquisition channels. 

Working with the leading mobile app publishers in the world and Fortune 500 brands we have effective knowledge of best practices in the mobile video space as well as strong partnerships. We've lead the production on over hundreds of mobile user acquisition video projects and can also help launch your mobile advertising campaigns across all user acquisition platforms.

If you want the highest quality video possible and need to meet a short campaign launch date, you've found the right place. Not only do we produce the top performing videos we also deliver campaign launches within days or less if high priority. 

Contact us to view our body of work on more than hundreds of projects covering all categories of mobile advertising that have reached millions of views over the last few years including brands like Beats, Spotify, Facebook, Uber, Supercell, and many more. 

Tell us what you need and we will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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Baum Mobile, LLC